The Alternative Investments Initiative supports advanced courses at Wharton that teach undergraduate and MBA students the latest in financial theory regarding this asset class. The curriculum is continually expanded and upgraded based on the research being undertaken by the Initiative.

For students who are seeking a career in alternative investing, these courses are highly recommended:

Majors and Minors

Students who choose a Wharton undergraduate finance concentration or MBA major develop the skills necessary to work at a high level of expertise in all areas of finance, including alternative investments; asset management; commercial and investment banking in an international context; the financial management (“treasury function”) of commercial and industrial enterprises as well as of financial institutions; the financial aspects of venture capital, mergers, and acquisitions; and in most aspects of management consulting in both domestic and international sectors. Specializing in finance also equips students well for careers in law and government, in addition to the private sector.

For a complete listing of finance courses, please visit the Wharton School Finance Department website. Recent course syllabi may also be examined from this site. Students considering a career in alternative investments should consult with MBA or Undergraduate Career Services in order to select the most relevant courses.

Wharton Executive Education Programs in Private Equity and Venture Capital

The Wharton School offers an Executive Education weeklong program called Private Equity: Investing and Creating Value. This 5-day program is designed for institutional investors as well as investment professionals aspiring to be better private equity investors.

Venture Capital

A new program from Wharton Executive Education, will lift the veil on one of the most exciting and perhaps least transparent areas in finance. Designed for investors and entrepreneurs alike, participants will come away with a greater understanding of how venture capital works; how the best venture capitalists source, screen, and value deals; and how to design contracts that protect both investors and founders.

Wharton alumni are eligible to receive a discount. For more information or to enroll, please visit Wharton Executive Education or email


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