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The Alternative Investments Initiative focuses on private equity, hedge funds, venture capital, and investment management. The Initiative is a global hub for the development of cutting-edge research in alternative investments, which is integrated into the Wharton School’s curriculum, and presented in public forums. It is a center that furthers the exploration of the theory and the practice of investing in this asset class, bringing together practitioners, alumni, students, and academics, and policymakers

Launch of the Wharton Alternative Investments Blockchain Venture

Recognizing the importance of blockchain technology to business, and the potential for transformation of financial services, the Wharton Alternative Investments Initiative is proud to announce the launch of its work in the blockchain space.  Through enhancement of curriculum and thought leadership, commencement of a research series on blockchain and crypto economics, and collaboration with students and leading alumni, Wharton Alternative Investments is dedicated to being a world leader in the integration of blockchain into business knowledge.


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Opening the books on Private Equity

Private equity is a critically important asset that investors cannot afford to exclude from their portfolios. With its potential for high returns that can outperform other asset classes, such as conventional stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, private equity offers a competitive edge to sophisticated investors.

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