Wharton Global Allocators Summit

Thank you for attending the inaugural Wharton Global Allocators Summit on Friday May 19, 2023, where top allocators from around the world gathered to share insights and best practices on investment strategies and portfolio management. This exclusive event offered a unique opportunity to learn from and engage with some of the most prominent names in the industry.

We uncovered the key challenges, emerging trends and strategic considerations faced by global allocators through open forum and discussion. Highlights from the summit include:

    • Keynote speeches from industry leaders and renowned experts
    • Panel discussions on the latest investment trends and strategies
    • Roundtable discussions on specific asset classes and regions
    • Opportunities to meet and connect with fellow allocators and investors

Focal themes from the summit include:

    • The global economic outlook and market trends
    • Optimal asset allocation strategies in the current economic context
    • The role of alternative investments in asset portfolios
    • Emerging technologies and tools available to today’s allocators
    • Potential risks and rewards of integrating ESG into allocation decisions

We hope you enjoyed expanding your network, gaining new perspectives on investing, and learning about latest industry developments, at the Wharton Global Allocators Summit.


The Inaugural Wharton Global Allocator Summit

Friday May 19, 2023

8th Floor Jon M. Huntsman Hall
3730 Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19104

Conference Theme: Allocations in Changing Times

Dress Code: Business Attire (Ties are optional)

To facilitate an atmosphere of free and productive idea-sharing, we would like to inform you that the Wharton Global Allocators Summit will be a media-free event, and no presentations, conversations or panel discussions will be recorded. However, a photographer will be present to take still photos of the event.


08:00 – 09:00  Networking Breakfast and Registration (60 min)
09:00 – 09:05  Welcome Remarks (5 min)
Ziad Sarkis, Director of Financial Research of the Wharton School’s Harris Family Alternative Investments Program
09:05 – 09:15  Introduction to the Harris Program and Overview of the Summit’s Agenda (10 min)
Professor Burcu Esmer, Faculty Member and Academic Co-Director of the Wharton School’s Harris Family Alternative Investments Program
09:15 – 09:35  Keynote Address: Global Allocations Given Current Geopolitical and Economic Conditions (20 min)
Changes in politics at the global level and shifting macroeconomic conditions can have both positive and negative impacts on allocations across asset classes. Mubadala provides their perspective on how these developments have influenced allocations.
Carlos Obeid, Chief Financial Officer of the Mubadala Investment Company
09:35 – 10:25  Allocations in Times of Uncertainty (50 min)
Expanding on Mubadala’s introductory perspective regarding geopolitical and macroeconomic developments, this panel brings together prominent industry leaders from diverse regions to present contrasting viewpoints.
Ziad Sarkis, Director of Financial Research of the Wharton School’s Harris Family Alternative Investments Program
Thomas Lee, Chief Investment Officer of the New York State Teachers’ Retirement System
Dr. Timo Löyttyniemi, Chief Executive Officer of the State Pension fund of Finland
Ben Samild, Deputy Chief Investment Officer of the Future Fund of Australia
10:25 – 10:55  Morning Coffee Break & Networking (30 min)
10:55 – 11:35  Alternative Investment Funds (40 min)
In this discussion, we examine the primary concerns related to over-allocating to private capital funds amid fluctuations in interest rates and stock markets. Additionally, we explore other important considerations that investors must consider when allocating funds to this asset class.
Anna Nekoranec, Chief Executive Officer at Align Private Capital
Kari Vatanen, Chief Investment Officer at Veritas Pension Insurance Company
Pontus von Essen, Head of Strategy at Swedish Pension Fund AP7
Bradley Ackerman, Head of Alternative Investments at PNC Asset Management
11:35 – 12:15  Private Capital in Emerging Markets: Where, When, And How (40 min)
When investing private capital in emerging markets, it is crucial to understand the intricacies of these markets and cultivate long-term relationships. We delve into how allocators seeking to invest in such regions can leverage the experience and capabilities offered by development finance institutions and funds-of-funds to their advantage.
Eric Newman, Trustee & Vice Chairman of the Pension Funds of the City of Stamford & the Town of Fairfield
Stephanie Lindemann-Kohrs, Global Head of Equity and Funds at KFW Development Bank, Germany
Amit Chandra, Managing Director at 57 Stars, an emerging markets-focused fund-of-funds manager
12:15 – 12:35 Presentation: Slow Moving Capital and Predictability of Stock Returns (20 min)
Historically all returns in the US stock market have accrued during just seven days around the turn of the month. 
Professor Matti Suominen, Vice-Chair of the Investment Consultative Committee of the State Pension Fund of Finland and Visiting Full Professor of Finance at The Wharton School
12:35 – 13:35  Networking Lunch (60 min)
13:35 – 14:25  Improving Allocation Decisions with Data and Analytics (50 min)
Investment decisions around allocations into multiple asset classes rely on established methodologies to assess cash flows and other key indicators. On this panel we discuss tools available to allocators to help them invest more efficiently. 
Tobias True, Partner at Adams Street Partners
Winston Ma, Esq., Executive Vice Chairman at Virtual-Q; Ex-Managing Director and Head of North America Office at China Investment Corp (CIC)
Saku Nousiainen, Investment Director at The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Patrick Carlevato, Head of Growth at SEI Novus
14:25 – 14:50  Presentation: The Effect of Rising Interest Rates and Inflation on Allocations (25 min)
Higher interest rates affect leverage and return. An academic perspective sheds light on the historical effects of elevated interest rates on various asset classes and provides insights into their expected future implications.
Professor João Gomes, Howard Butcher III Professor of Finance and Senior Vice Dean of Research, Centers, and Academic Initiatives at the Wharton School
14:50 – 15:20  Afternoon Coffee Break & Networking (30 min)
15:20 – 16:05  Fixed Income, Credit, and Real Assets (45 min)
In the past year, the impact of interest rate fluctuations has played a substantial role in driving greater allocations towards fixed income and private credit instruments. Additionally, real assets are increasingly viewed as a reliable hedge against inflation. In this panel discussion, we gain insights from experienced allocators in this asset class. They provide valuable perspectives on key considerations Chief Investment Officers should bear in mind when rebalancing their portfolios.
Lindsay Rosner, Senior Portfolio Manager at PGIM Fixed Income
Timothy Calkins, Co-Chief Investment Officer at Nottingham Advisors
James Smigiel, Chief Investment Officer at SEI
Daniel Shaykevich, Senior Portfolio Manager and Co-Head of the Emerging Markets and Sovereign Debt Team at Vanguard
16:05 – 16:55  Building Co-Investing, Secondaries, and GP Stake Programs (50 min)
When it comes to accessing private capital funds, there are various strategies that allocators can adopt. In this group discussion, we delve into the best practices for investing beyond conventional primary LP positions. We analyze LP secondaries, continuation funds, co-investments, and GP stakes as alternative approaches to accessing private capital funds.
Jordan Foote, Investment Director at Alberta Investment Management Company
Peter Ammon, Chief Investment Officer at the University of Pennsylvania Endowment
Neha Markle, Head of Alternative Investment Partners (AIP) Private Markets Solutions at Morgan Stanley
Mina Nazemi, Head of Diversified Alternative Equity at Barings
Mo Saraiya, Executive Director at GCM Grosvenor
16:55 – 17:25 ESG Investing: Contrasting Opposing Views (30 min)
In this group discussion, we explore the contrasting viewpoints surrounding ESG investments. Critics argue that ESG investments prioritize political agendas, such as climate change, over maximizing investor returns. Conversely, proponents of the ESG industry argue that it effectively identifies companies with higher risks beyond traditional investment criteria. These divergent opinions shed light on a disagreement while recognizing the importance of embracing different perspectives.
Professor Kevin Kaiser, Senior Director of the Wharton School’s Harris Family Alternative Investments Program and Adjunct Full Professor of Finance at the Wharton School’s Finance Department
Dr. Daniel Walker, Board Member at the California Endowment
Erika Gucfa, Managing Director at North Sky Capital
17:25 – 17:30  Closing Remarks (5 min)
Ziad Sarkis, Director of Financial Research of the Wharton School’s Harris Family Alternative Investments Program
17:30 – 18:30  Drinks & Reception (60 min)




Carlos Obeid

Chief Financial Officer
Mubadala Investment Company




Bradley Ackerman

Head of Alternative Investments
PNC Asset Management


Peter Ammon

Chief Investment Officer
University of Pennylvania Investment Office


Timothy Calkins

Co-Chief Investment Officer
Nottingham Advisors


Patrick Carlevato

Head of Growth, Enhanced CIO
SEI Novus


Amit Chandra

Managing Director
57 Stars


Burcu Esmer

Co-Director, Harris Family Alternative Investments Program & Snr. Lecturer of Finance
Harris Family Alternative Investments Program


Jordan Foote

Alberta Investment Management Company (AIMCo)


João Gomes

Senior Vice Dean
The Wharton School


Erika Gucfa

Managing Director
North Sky Capital


Kevin Kaiser

Senior Director, The Harris Family Alternative Investments Program,
Adjunct Full Professor of Finance, Wharton Finance Department


Thomas Lee

Executive Director and Chief Investment Officer
New York State Teachers’ Retirement System

Stephanie Lindemann-Kohrs

Global Head of Equity and Funds
KFW Development Bank


Timo Löyttyniemi

Chief Executive Officer
State Pension fund of Finland


Winston Ma

Executive Vice Chairman, Virtual-Q; Ex-Managing Director and Head of North America Office
China Investment Corp (CIC)


Neha Markle

Head of Alternative Investment Partners (AIP) Private Markets Solutions
Morgan Stanley


Mina Nazemi

Head of Diversified Alternative Equity


Anna Nekoranec

Chief Executive Officer
Align Private Capital LLC


Eric Newman

Trustee & Vice Chairman
City of Stamford & Town of Fairfield


Saku Peter Nousiainen

Investment Director
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation


Lindsay Rosner

Senior Portfolio Manager
PGIM Fixed Income


Ben Samild

Deputy Chief Investment Officer
The Future Fund (Australia’s Sovereign Wealth Fund)


Mo Saraiya

Executive Director
GCM Grosvenor


Ziad Sarkis

Director of Financial Research, The Harris Alternative Investments Program
The Wharton School


Daniel Shaykevich

Senior Portfolio Manager & Co-head of the Emerging Markets and Sovereign Debt Team


James Smigiel

Matti Suominen

Professor at Aalto University & Visiting Professor at Wharton


Tobias True

Kari Vatanen

Chief Investment Officer
Veritas Pension Insurance Company


Pontus von Essen

Head of Strategy
AP7, Sjunde AP-fonden


Daniel Walker

Board Member
The California Endowment




Michael Alharir

Chief Executive Officer
Silkmann Properties (Family Office)

Luis Barros

Lecturer, Alternative Investments & Global Entrepreneurship Labs
Massachussets Institute of Technology

Thomas Bauer

Deputy Chief Investment Officer
Pennsylvania Public School Employees’ Retirement System (PA PSERS)

Simon Beauroy

Director, Strategic Developments, Sovereign Investment Partnerships & Long-Term Investors

Naji Boutros

Managing Partner
Tavis Capital AG

Thomas Bouvier

Investment Director

Samantha Choa

Senior Product Strategist

Benjamin Cotton

Chief Investment Officer
Pennsylvania Public School Employees’ Retirement System (PA PSERS)

Sancia Dalley

Senior Vice President
Robert F. Kennedy Foundation

Robert Daugherty

Acer Springs Capital (Family Office)

Riikka Davidkin

Director, Impact Investments
Social Finance

Russell Deakin

Chief Investment Officer
Aceana Group (Family Office)

Kristen DePre

Vice President, Institutional Client Management (Not for Profit and Endowment Practice)

Katrina Dudley

SVP, Investment Strategist
Franklin Templeton

Boris Erenburg

Managing Partner
Arpoador Invest (Family Office)

Marc Esen

Co-Chief Investment Officer
Montgomery County Employee Retirement Plans

Cedric Fan

Senior Portfolio Manager
Russell Investment Group

David Fisher

Kifo US (Kirsch Family Office)

Adam Fried

Founding Partner
Friedom Partners (Family Office)

Florentina Furtuna

Associate Director

Stacey Gilbert

Chief Investment Officer
Glenmede Investment Management

Alex Goins

Senior Vice President & Head of Alternative Investments
Lincoln Financial Group

Mateo Goldman

Managing Director

Gustavo Gomberg

Director, DCIO Portfolio Construction Office
Future Fund

Alex Gurvich

Director of Investment Research
PFM Asset Management (A subsidiary of US Bank)

Patrick Hop

Managing Partner
Titan Point Capital (Family Office)

Yahya Jalil

Managing Director International Investments
RIMCO Investment LLC, a subsidiary of Al Rashed Group (Family Office)

David Katz

Head of Institutional/Senior Managing Director
Virtus Investment Partners

Sean Kerins

Co-Head of Traditional Strategies Due Diligence
PNC Asset Management

Christina Kim

Head of Partnerships
Girls Who Invest

Vincent Kravec

Managing Director

Antonios Kypreos

Axion Financial Group (Family Office)

Amy Lai

Vice President, Investments
Albert B. Glickman Family Foundation (Family Office)

Mike Lucarelli

Adams Street Partners

Justin Maistrow

Deputy Chief Investment Officer
State of Rhode Island

Akshay Mansukhani

Managing Partner
Malabar Invest (Family Office)

Mohammad Masoud

Investment Director
Madr Investment Company (Family Office)

Kevin Meyers

Chief Investment Officer
First Haven Capital (Family Office)

Greg Millhauser

Managing Director & Portfolio Manager, Private Investments

Robert Nelson

Senior Alternative Investments Specialist

Martin Ngombwa

Vice President
The Public Investment Fund

Karn Nopany

Head of Alternatives & Non-Core Specialty Mandates
Enstar Group

Tuomas Olkku

Executive Director
KAUTE Foundation

Jonathan Rabinow

Chief Investment Officer
Lightstone Investments (Family Office)

Jay Ramakrishnan

MD, Head of Originations & Founding Member, AB Private Credit Investors
Alliance Bernstein

Lauren Rich

Managing Director

Richard Rincon

Founding Partner
Cypress Creek Partners

Kashish Shah

Marwar Capital (Family Office)

Abhishek Sharma

Chief Executive Officer
Foundation Holdings (Family Office)

Randall Shu

Director of Investments
Melville Management Corporation (Family Office)

Deborah Spalding

Chief Investment Officer

Jared Speicher

Head of North American Buyout
Metlife Investment Management

John Trammell

Symphony Financial Partners

Jim Treanor

Deputy Chief Investment Officer
Florida State Board of Administration

Cathy Ulozas

Chief Investment Officer
Drexel University

Lauri Vaittinen

Chief Executive Officer
Mandatum Asset Management

Drew von Glahn

Executive Director
Collaborative for Frontier Finance

Rennie Zhang

Director, Investment Management



Wharton Global Allocators Summit