Harris Program Student Fellowship

The Student Fellowship enables selected Wharton students to learn from senior practitioners and professors, as well as collaborate with like-minded peers, by applying their knowledge of the investment industry to hands-on work with alternative investments firms.

The Student Fellowship is a not-for-credit fellowship program that enhances students’ academic training in alternative investments and provides an opportunity for them to apply their learning in a professional setting. The Program is designed to span the full academic year.  In the Program, students perform a deep-dive into an area of investment.  In the first semester, students undertake and complete a research paper.  In the second semester, students prepare and present an investment pitch. The program facilitates student interaction with industry practitioners as well as professors, who provide guidance on both the research paper and the final pitch. Student Fellows will also be given unique opportunities to engage with industry practitioners and alternative investments firms that are visiting Wharton through the Harris Family Alternative Investments Program.


  • Develop a thesis on a specific area of investment and present it in a paper which will be featured as “student research” on the Harris Family Alternative Investments Program Website
  • Create an investment pitch and present at the final symposium
  • Engage regularly with industry practitioners and Wharton faculty
  • Foster a close-knit community of driven and deeply interested students


  • 10-12 Student Fellows
  • 4 Teams of 2-3 Fellows
  • Collaboration between Wharton Undergraduate & MBA Students
  • Curriculum spread across the fall & spring semesters*
    * Spring 2021 will mirror the Fall 2021 curriculum and consists of only one semester.